univ. dipl. ing. arhitekt

I was born in Ljubljana in the 1960’s at a time the city was fast growing. The city was full of large building sites and this had quite an impact on me. Even before I got to know the profession of an architect I knew that I would be one when I grew up. Planning and designing houses and surroundings was in my DNA.


Having attended a civil engineering college, I acquired the basics in construction knowledge, then continuing my studies at the Faculty of Architecture at Ljubljana University, graduating in 1994.


My working life has seen me engaged with various renowned architects and designers and included working internationally.


Since 1996 when I first opened my office, I have specialised in housing architecture projects and furnishing commercial premises including restaurants, bars and other business premises.


For a period of ten years I established and ran the weekly architect advice column in the main Slovenian national newspaper.


After 20 successful years of accomplished projects I remain as passionate and enthusiastic as ever about delivering great solutions and follow the latest global trends.





  • Housing residential architecture; from single-family home and semi-detached houses to apartment buildings to a size of eight apartments.
  • Business architecture; small business facilities; offices, commercial and catering premises and combinations. Small hotels, motels, suite estates, private clinics and sports buildings.



  • Renovations and adaptations of buildings from minor adjustments to complete renovations from residential housing to commercial properties to gallery premises.



  • Furnishing all types and levels of residential housing areas, from single-family houses to storey units in apartment buildings.
  • Furnishing all types of business premises, from offices, commercial premises, catering and hotel buildings, galleries to pharmacies and doctors’ offices.



  • Landscaping exteriors of single-family homes and apartment buildings; including areas with parking spaces, playgrounds, swimming pools and stationary traffic areas.
  • Landscaping areas around business facilities and small sporting and recreational areas.